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The CardioScan solution has no set up costs and produces Cardiologist reported ECGs that qualify for the new rebate items.

Private hospitals and clinics can no longer claim under item numbers 11700 and 11701, however CardioScan’s solution means hospitals can claim for ECG’s and reports under the new item numbers 11704 and 11705 allowing the recovery of lost revenue.

To claim under 11704 and 11705, ECG’s now need to be reviewed externally, as doctors can no longer report on traces from their own patients or of patients they have a financial relationship with.


CardioScan specialists review traces sent by a clinic and provide a report via EMR or fax, allowing clinics to claim the MBS rebate under item number 11704 and 11705.

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Case study: national hospital rollout

We expect that in the first 12 months of our agreement, we will complete in excess of 100,000 ECGs for this customer and be responsible for all elements of the ECG process, including the billing of private health insurance companies.

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For more than 30 years, we’ve been delivering leading cardiac analysis with 99.98% accuracy on results – and services delivered with:

  • No set up costs
  • Leading Holter technology
  • Same day ECG reports
  • A leading global reputation
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CardioScan provides a leading solution for ECG reporting with the latest devices, software and reporting services.

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Medicare changes FAQs


CardioScan charges a fee per reported ECG. The fee is decided on a volume-based revenue share model.

There is no set-up cost. CardioScan provides ECG machines at no cost and will manage system integrations and staff training.

Yes, CardioScan takes responsibility of the billing component and provides a regular lumpsum rebate to the Health Care provider.

Fee: $32.25 Benefit: 85% = $27.45

Fee: $19.00 Benefit: 75% = $14.25 85% = $16.15

CardioScan’s specialist cardiologists report on all ECGs.

4 hours for a standard ECG, 2 hours for an urgent ECG.

Use the contact us section above and we will set a time to speak about your requirements.