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Performing an ECG procedure

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Wi Fi and RP setup

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Skin prep and lead placement

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Patient enrolment

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Useful information

Some quick tips for using EDAN 1201

Trace not clear?

Double check all the leads are connected properly and attached well at the contact sites on the patient’s body. Review the Skin Prep & Lead placement topic for the correct procedure.

How to know transmission is successful

If you notice an error message on screen or a continually flickering green light on the RP (black box), there is a transmission issue. Review our the Troubleshooting Transmission topic for quick fixes.

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Troubleshooting transmission

Get started rapidly, with easy to use connection resolution tips.

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Loading paper

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Time & Date change

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EDAN 1201 Quick Guide

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Raspberry Pi Quick guide

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ and considerations

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Check connection
  • If you see an error message “Please check Net cable connection”, ensure the white modem and black RP devices are plugged in.
  • Then press ENTER to return to the trace screen.
Clear File manager
  • Press F6 to open new screen
  • Press F2 to open File Manager
  • Press F1 to select TransAll
  • You will see a processing prompt
  • Once File Manager is clear, press ESC to return to the trace screen
  • The EDAN is now ready for use again
Ensure all equipment is on the ECG trolley
  • ECG Electrodes
  • Chlor-Hex swabs
  • Clippers and blades
  • Paper level in machine
Patient prep – Electrodes need clear skin contact for good ECG tracing results
  • Explain ECG procedure to patient
  • Position patient
  • Expose chest area
  • For male patients, shave chest as required
  • Modesty sheet for female patients
Enter patient information into machine – all fields MUST be completed.
  • Be aware of any cardiac symptoms at the time of recording, such as chest pain, palpitations or shortness of breath
  • Symptoms must be hand written on the printout and reported to nurse in charge.
  • Check Wi-Fi connections – can be manually transmitted later.
  • Ensure good quality ECG trace before printing/transmitting.
  • Cover the patient and return them to a position of comfort.
  • Return ECG trolley to storage. Plug in orange power cord.
  • Wipe leads with detergent wipes, replace equipment as required and leave trolley clean.