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Delivering faster, more accurate cardiac data to help you speed up diagnosis for your patients, with reports in under 24hours. 

Latest devices

We search globally for heart monitoring technology that offers the highest diagnostic quality and patient performance. 

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Data in your hands 

Mobile cardiac reporting puts patient data in your hands, with access on any mobile device. 


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Rapid results 


Agreed turnaround
on reports 


Hearts analysed
each year  


Average turnaround on reports

Cardiac reports are instantly available for you and your team on any mobile device in any location with BeatBox 

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High quality cardiac reports using the latest holter and mobile reporting technology:


Rapid results
24hr turnaround on cardiac reports and instant notification on critical data 

No set up costs
All devices, software and supplies provided at no fee 

Multi-day monitoring
Continuous recording for up to 14 days, with 2 and 3 channel options 

Secure instant data
Prepared by certified cardiac technicians and instantly pushed to your mobile device using BeatBox 


Accurate reporting 

We deliver more than 99.8% reporting accuracy on average and we’re 100% open about it with monthly service reports for our customers. 

Our exacting standards delivered through double checkpoint quality assurance (QA) processes ensures a less than 1% error rate discovered at CardioScan is then corrected before being sent onto customers. 

Error grading also limits risk with our QA team capturing any minor discrepancies including typos. Attention to minute details ensures we deliver on our promise of fast, accurate reporting you can trust. 

We remain open about our performance unlike any other so you can be sure you’re delivering the best diagnostic outcomes for your patients. 

Our products




Choosing devices

We remain independent of devices, and instead choose the highest performing holter and heart monitoring technology available globally.

Introducing myPatch-sl, with superior continuous 3-channel recording and leading standards in comfort and compliance.

Attached in under 30 seconds, wireless, waterproof myPatch gives patients freedom to get on with daily routines and activities without limits, while delivering greater clarity and results.


myPatch features:

Record continuously over 2 or 3 channels 

Continuous record
Up to 14 days on 2 channels, and up to 9 days on 3 channels 

Adult, paediatric and neonate sized electrodes 

Event alert function
Patients tap device to signify symptoms on the trace recording 

Mobile access
Instantly access patient data from any phone or mobile device 

More features
No battery recharging, internal clock & more 

The only holter with paediatric and neonate electrodes, myPatch is available for even your youngest patients. 

The specially designed smaller electrodes and ultra-lightweight recording device means a better testing experience for children and families. 

Designed for everyday activities like bathing, myPatch ensures the highest recording quality with unmatched compliance in kids. Kids are free to move and play without limits using myPatch. 

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How to Apply myPatch to an Adult patient

How to Apply myPatch to a Paediatric Patient

How to record events on myPatch

BeatBox mobile cardiac reporting 



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For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping doctors save time and lives with high quality, cost effective cardiac data they can rely on to diagnose their patients. Today, we’re a leading global cardiac reporting service in eight countries and growing – including Australia, Singapore, US, Hong Kong, UK and more. 


With 30+ years in cardiac reporting, we’re now in 8 countries and expanding even further into Europe and other parts of Asia. 




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