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CardioScan delivers faster, more accurate cardiac reports to help speed up diagnosis for your patients.

With the latest heart monitoring devices and mobile reporting technology – with no set up cost – we help you keep pace and provide leading diagnostic care for your patients.  

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Our service includes all devices, software, training and support, including our lightweight, waterproof myPatch holter device. Available only through CardioScan, myPatch features:

  • Multi-channel Continuous recording over 2 or 3 channels

  • Continuous record Up to 14 days on 2 channels, and up to 9 days on 3 channels

  • 3-sizes Electrodes comes in adult, paediatric and neonate size

  • Event alert function Patients tap device to signify symptoms on the trace recording

  • Mobile access instantly access patient data from any phone or mobile device

  • More features internal clock, no flash card and no battery

About us

For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping doctors save time and lives with high quality, cost effective cardiac data they can rely on to diagnose their patients. Today, we’re a leading global cardiac reporting service in eight countries and growing – including Australia, Singapore, US, Hong Kong, UK and more.