SMG CardioScan is proud to offer a new revolutionary cardiac healthcare service. Whilst offered for the first time in Singapore, this service is available in many other countries around the world.


SMG CardioScan is in partnership with CardioScan Australia, the largest and longest-standing cardiac monitoring and reporting organization in Asia Pacific. They provide over 450,000 cardiac reports annually for almost all of Australia’s largest private and public healthcare companies.
SMG CardioScan will provide you with real time cardiac reports in the most efficient manner. Supported by our own innovative recording equipment the data is processed and analysed by the highest technical standards and signed by experienced cardiologists, who are available for clinical follow-up when needed.

We provide the equipment at no charge - which means you save on capital outlay, allowing you to simply deal with cardiac reporting more effectively while keeping patient ownership and improving patient care.
Reports for your patients can be delivered back to you in the electronic form of your choice, including directly into your patient management platform.


SMGCardioscan provides a fully cloud deployed cardiac reporting platform for its customers. Using the latest technology and software, along with leading reporting capabilities, we provide fast and accurate reports for our customers.

The benefits of our solution include:

  • No capital outlay
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Improved efficiency leading to cost reduction opportunities
  • Improved analytical reporting
  • 24/7 service
  • Improved patient care
  • Increased revenue

Our internet enabled equipment allows for information to be sent upon completion of the test and appear on our platform instantaneously. We can offer integration to your patient management platform or you can simply receive your patient results via your preferred communication method, thereby making all information accessible swiftly and securely from anywhere in the world.

We have highly qualified cardiologists performing the reporting, thereby ensuring highest compliance and analytical quality. Our main cardiologist is an associate professor at both Melbourne and Monash University and holds cardiac fellowships from Emory University in Atlanta and the Hong Kong College of Cardiology, carrying over 40 years of experience in the cardiac industry.

Information on our Cardiac Management Software, called BeatBox is available here.

MyPatchSL Device

SMGCardioScan ensures it uses the latest technology to ensure the patient’s experience is as seamless as possible.

myPatch®is a revolutionary, shower proof -water resistant Holter monitor. With its selectable channel and sample rate, the user can determine how many days myPatch records. The myPatch is placed in its disposable electrode on the patients’ sternum or over the 4th Left intercostal space recording 1, 2 or 3 channels of data up to 72 hours.

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