Joining forces with Paramedics Australasia to save more hearts and lives


Associate Professor Harry Mond has agreed to share 40+ years of knowledge with the next generation of paramedics to help first responders better grapple with interpreting electrocardiographic (ECG) data under pressure.

Dr Mond oversees more than 500,000+ ECGs and cardiac monitoring studies each year as Medical Director at CardioScan and was one of the original developers of training undertaken by Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) paramedics, in 1971.

Joining forces with Paramedics Australasia (PA) aims to help members gain further insights into common challenges, as well as unusual cases – and it forms part of an ongoing effort by PA to continually support education of its members.

“An incorrectly interpreted ECG can significantly change the outcome for a patient during a heart event,” Dr Mond said.

“There is a lot of new technology that supports diagnosis but understanding the core knowledge is critical, and we can always do better.”

As a cardiologist that lectures worldwide on ECG and pacing as well as other specialist topics, Dr Mond said education remained critical at any stage of a medical professional’s life.

 “The pressure faced by paramedics in time critical settings adds to the challenge, and it’s vital we get it right.”

The event is to be held on April 17 at Victoria University, where paramedics have the opportunity to bring interesting cases from the field for discussion.

An ongoing dialogue would also be opened to members after the event to continue learning and professional development opportunities for PA members.

“Ultimately, we want our medical professionals to be given as many opportunities as possible to improve their knowledge, to do the best we can for Australian heart patients,” Dr Mond said.


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