Helping GPs reduce Australian men’s risk of heart attack

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Tackling Australian men’s health risks is under the spotlight once more, with medical professionals teaming up at the upcoming Dorevitch Men’s Health Conference 2019, for positive change.

CardioScan’s Medical Director Dr Harry Mond is among those speaking at the event on Saturday May 11, which aims to educate delegates on best practice standards and share leading health science on various issues facing men.

With heart disease remaining the number one killer of Australian men, Dr Mond will take the stage on better understanding holter monitoring and indications for ambulatory ECG monitoring.

Dr Mond currently oversees 500k+ heart studies each year at CardioScan and brings 40+ years’ experience to his field of expertise. Medical professionals will benefit from deep insight into diagnosis through interpreting ECG traces and hear about the latest advances in holter monitoring technology.

The conference is expected to go a long way towards helping GPs tackle heart health with men, and provide better preventative care, including heart monitoring as an effective assessment tool.

Despite ongoing efforts by the medical professionals, the picture on Australian’s men’s heart health remains stark.

7 shocking facts Australian men’s heart health

  • Men are twice as likely to die from a preventable heart attack than women

  • Heart attack and stroke are the two leading causes of death for Australian men

  • In the next five years, two in five Australian men aged 45-74 are at elevated risk of a heart attack or stroke

  • Men in the high risk group, have a one in six chance of having a heart attack or stroke

  • Half of men don’t see a GP for a heart check despite being twice as likely to suffer a heart event

  •  Of the men aged 45-74 that do visit doctors, one in two is told they have high cholesterol or blood pressure or both – major risks for heart attack and stroke

  •  Only 1 in 20 focusses on managing high blood pressure despite it being the single biggest risk factor for heart disease

These facts are extracted from an Australian Heart Foundation article Australian Men are Gambling with their Health. Full article by the Heart Foundation

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Chelsea Cunningham