Mobile Cardiac reporting now in the US

Mobile cardiac reporting is now in the US. BeatBox launched this week following successful releases in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and planned releases in the UK. Now American cardiologists can report up to 75% faster from any mobile device, anywhere.

BeatBox breaks new ground with fast, simple reporting that speeds up diagnosis. The first fully mobile cardiac reporting platform of its kind, it lets cardiologists to complete cardiac reporting from any mobile device, at any location.

It delivers same day reports within hours with instant access to patient data, and no set up costs exclusively through Cardiac Monitoring Service.

BeatBox is packed with features:

  • Secure user profiles  Personalized dashboards and user access rights to suit job roles

  • Automated data One accurate record source with less manual handling or risk of errors with live data updates

  • Instant messaging Private report tagged messaging for secure conversations between staff

  • Powerful search & archive Studies are auto archived and encrypted to keep on file for decades, and available instantly through search tools

  • HIPPA compliance Improve compliance with the highest security & privacy standards, and encrypted patient data

Chelsea Cunningham